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We have developed a unique service, unrivalled in its success 'tutoring' aspiring football agents around the world to help them pass the bi-annual Players' Agent Exam and obtain their football players' agent licence.


It is traditionally very difficult to pass the examination, with pass rates over the last five exams ranging from 6%-35%!


Since 2009, we have tutored over 100 candidates and have achieved a pass rate between 3-5 times better than the national pass rate. Some of the testimonials we received from those successful candidates are set out further down this page.


We take a practical approach to helping candidates prepare for the exam:

1. Assisting you to memorise the materials

2. Identifying the key and hot topics

3. Ensuring you have a genuine understanding of all core  


4. Ensuring you are able to apply your knowledge to the difficult 

    factual scenarios in the exam

5. Enabling you to practise your exam technique


We are well versed in:

  • The FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players
  • The FIFA Statutes and the Regulations Governing the Application of the Statutes
  • The FIFA Players' Agents Regulations
  • The Rules Governing the Procedures of the PSC and the DRC
  • All other FIFA Rules and Regulations which form part of the exam syllabus

For candidates sitting the exam in England, we are also well versed in:

  • The FA Football Agents Regulations
  • The Rules of the Football Association
  • The Rules of the Premier League
  • The FA Third Party Ownership Regulations
  • The relevant standard form playing contracts


We provide a materials pack which, in our experience, candidates find invaluable when preparing for the exam.  In addition to numerous past papers, we have prepared our own mock papers and further quick-fire questions, as well as summary sheets covering key issues and techniques for applying candidates' knowledge to factual scenarios.  By working through such materials with candidates, we ensure that their knowledge and understanding of the important rules and regulations and the fundamental topics is sufficiently comprehensive.


Candidates also benefit from our industry knowledge - we are fully aware of current issues being scrutinised or discussed by FIFA (and the English FA) in the run up to the exam and so are able to focus candidates' minds on the 'hot topics' that may come up in the next exam paper.


We can tutor candidates taking the exam outside the UK.  Since 75% of the exam is set by FIFA and concerns worldwide rules and regulations (the remaining 25% being set by the relevant domestic Association), we have provided coaching to successful candidates taking the exam in numerous countries including Turkey, Hungary, the United States, the Netherlands, Egypt, Dubai, Sweden, Belgium, Ghana, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and are able to provide lessons to candidates over the phone or via Skype if necessary.


Set out below is a selection of just some of the testimonials we received from candidates who passed the exam after receiving our tuition:


"Dan's service is absolutely first-rate and worth every penny.  His knowledge and support were brilliant, his teaching exceptional and I would never have passed without his tuition.  I cannot recommend him highly enough - if you're considering taking the exam, you'd be crazy not to enlist his help.  The best money I've ever spent!"

Mark Ellis


"I have no doubt that Dan's tuition and learning techniques were the key to me passing the Players Agent exam.  His expert knowledge and unique style of teaching ensured I had a deep and thorough understanding of the Regulations, the ability to apply that knowledge and the confidence to pass.  I would recommend that anyway who is serious about passing the exam contact Dan immediately."

Richard Clegg


"Without Dan's help, I would not have been able to pass the exam. The extra help offered, and luxury of having somebody at the end of the telephone when I was stuck was invaluable. Quite simply the best money I have ever spent."

Darren Conah


"Having already failed the agents exam at the first attempt, I knew how difficult it was.  You can study intensively but without the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the FIFA and FA rules that is required you have a very slim chance of passing.  This understanding is expertly provided by Dan, his knowledge of the subject area is second to none and he makes you understand the material to the required depth.  I would definitely recommend his tutelage as I know I would not have passed the exam without his help and support.  Many thanks Dan."

Jonathan Clarke


“Dan lived up to all my expectations. He was punctual, knowledgeable and best of all a great teacher. It’s one thing to know your content, but it’s another to deliver it in such a way that enables understanding. Dan did that with aplomb. The confidence I had leading into the exam and during it, was all thanks to this fantastic service. The results speak for themselves.”



"When I started to prepare for the exam in Hungary, I did not think it would be difficult.  Then I read an online article about the worldwide pass-rate being 10%.  I found Couchmans LLP online and arranged for tuition to be provided over the phone.  Dan's service over the phone was absolutely fantastic: he is very good at explaining, clarifying and focusing on details, plus he was always available for me before the exam even if he had a very busy schedule.  I would not have been able to pass the exam at the first attempt without Dan."

Imre Baranyi (Hungary)


“Money well spent! To put it simply, DAN IS THE MAN! After having failed the exam at my first attempt I got in touch with Dan. I found not only his knowledge and teaching methods to be first class, but also the revision pack which was essential in preparing me for the exam.”



"Dan was a wonderfully supportive tutor.  I have never confronted academic work like this before, yet Dan adapted his communication and teaching techniques for my needs.  He left me feeling like I could trust him not just to help me do well but also as a confidant."

Louis Francis


"After I failed the test first time, I thought it was really impossible to pass the Players' Agent Exam until I met Dan.  He is really an expert in his business and I wouldn't pass the test without Dan's invaluable guidance." 

Murat Bayramoglu (Turkey)


"When I read the rules and regulations for the first time, my heart sank.  With the volume of documents in the syllabus, I thought there was no way I could pass the exam in a million years.  Ten weeks and ten lessons with Dan later, I walked into the exam knowing there was no way I could fail. "



"When faced with one of the toughest exams around, you need to gain every advantage possible.  Dan's tuition service affords you that advantage and a whole lot more.  His friendly, informative and insightful tuition greatly enhances your knowledge of what is a complicated syllabus, as well as lifting your confidence levels going into the exam.  Highly recommended!"

Simon Durno


"My first language is Mandarin.  The football agent exam is very difficult, even for native English speakers, and with the pass rate at less than 10% for the past two exams, I was really struggling.  Fortunately I met Dan, who is an excellent tutor with very professional knowledge and great patience - sometimes he needed to explain specific regulations to me several times, until I fully understood.  Without his help, I would not have passed the exam."

Xiang Gao


"Despite having a corporate finance background and being used to exams, Dan's tuition enabled me to turn a confusing reading list into a structured syllabus, helping me develop a genuine understanding of the key issues and rules.  Moreover, his teaching techniques, involving practical examples, hints and tips, ensured that I was able to apply my knowledge successfully in the exam.  I highly recommend anyone who is serious about passing the exam to take advantage of Dan's services, whatever their background."

Henry Spratt


"Understanding the fundamental rules is key to passing the exam.  The low pass rate is down to the fact that the rules can't be fully understood without the guidance of an experienced legal expert.  Without Dan's tuition, I would have relied upon my own incorrect interpretations of the rules and failed."

Tim Craig


"Dan's tuition and help was a major factor in passing first time.  As a professional involved in advising footballers for 18 years, the agents rules themselves are straightforward, but to pass you need to know so much more and avoid the traps, of which there are many!  Dan's tuition showed me just how much detail had to be known, where the traps lay and helped me plan my studying.  Cheers Dan."

Tom Lymn (Partner, Ashgates Accountants)


"Thank you to Dan for getting me through the Agents exam.  The course gave me the focus and direction that I needed to pass, without this support I would undoubtedly have struggled."

Jeremy Tarrant


"Dan's tuition service was invaluable in helping me prepare for the agents exam.  I don't think I would have passed without his expert coaching - the best money I have spent in a long time!"

David Fenwick (Dubai)


"Given the notoriously low pass rate, I was more than a little daunted at the thought of sitting the FIFA Players' Agent Exam.  I found Dan to be very knowledgable, patient and flexible, and excellent as regards to my exam technique, which was vital for me.  I would recommend his services to anyone seeking to sit the exam.  I have no doubt that his tuition helped me to become the first person to pass the exam in Northern Ireland for a year and a half!"

Steve Scott (Northern Ireland)

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive tutoring for the September 2013 exam or know more about the services we can offer.

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